Thursday, March 29, 2012

Protesters Suck

Not as much as tourists (stand on the right! I have places to be!) but you and your sign-making, slogan-chanting ways need to get the hell out of my city.

The First Amendment to the Constitution is a wonderful thing. Our colonial ancestors couldn't gather freely. They couldn't rail for or against topics they felt passionately about. Then again, poster board and permanent markers had yet to be invented, so they had that going against them. Plus, they had to work so calling out sick to sleep on a sidewalk (followed by an actual sick day) wasn't an option.

It's not that I don't support your right to scream your head off but maybe you should be talking to people who actually give a damn. There's a time and place for everything. Protesting at the White House when the President is out of town is not as persuasive as you think. The same thing goes for marching on Congress during recess, or oh I don't know, the Supreme Court...anytime!

Congress and the President need to get elected and reelected. They *may* care a little bit (chances aren't really good), but the justices are appointed for life. What makes you think they care about your sign with the little smiley face on it? Plus do you think they actually see you? They drive in the back through an underground entrance and go up to their office with a cup of coffee. You have a better chance of getting them to see you if you take your signs and head to Rockefeller Plaza for the Today Show.

Don't feel too bad, I'm sure your mother and father love your little the fact that the government set up those public schools so you could learn to spell and stuff...but don't let me get side tracked. No the people who I really feel for on cold days where there are no bathrooms and not a convenience store in sight are the camera men who have to be outside while the "talent" stays nice and warm in the van and checks their facebook accounts. These men and women who lug around heavy equipment all day are different from the iPhone toting panty wastes who call themselves "journalists". These guys actually work for a living and making the fancy anchors look good in the morning is not an easy job. I know, I've seen them come in for the morning shift...yikes! The camera and audio and lighting techs are the ones out in the cold with nothing but a thermos of vodka with a splash of orange juice (I kid) or a little coffee with a lot of irish (I don't kid that much).

But do you know the kicker here?  If these protesters would have followed the above observations, there would be no drama (outside of) at the court and no reason a camera crew couldn't roll their van up on the sidewalk and everybody stay warm.  Once again the bible thumpers are no better then their hippy wanna be counterparts. Anotherwords, you all suck!

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