Monday, July 9, 2012

I'll Be Carefull. You'll Be Dead

That's it! I'm fed up with all the BS and lies.  We need new rules for injuries in baseball. This isn't football where you can be probable, or questionable, or even "maybe-ish". This is baseball where you are either injured (and on the DL) or not.

That is except when it comes to the All-Star Game. You know that time of year when fans who don't buy luxury suites and name stadiums actually count. Well they count more then they should when they get 21 votes per day (per email address) to vote in their favorite stiffs who but we'll get into that in a moment.  First I want to air my grievances over the way injuries to players are handled differently this time of year vs. any other time in the pre, regular, or post season.  Why is it that players who aren't voted in by the fans, aren't picked by the players, aren't selected by the manager, and don't make the cut in the final fan vote get to come and play because a player selected by one of those methods is too injured to play (but managed to play 9 innings per game for 6 games leading up to the break)?  Why is it that a player who's been riding the DL for a good chunk of the season still gets voted into the game by the fans? Stats don't count?  And why is it that the same player who's been injured leading up to the game can still participate in the home run derby?  Lets take a crack at both answering these questions and setting up some new rules that Commissioner Seilig.

Rule 1: You are not eligible for All Star Game selection if you have not played at least 75% of the first half of the season. 
Fans are stupid. Don't believe me? They voted in Pablo Sandoval as the starting third basemen over David Wright who is arguably having an MVP season. Matt Kemp received many of his 3 million+ votes AFTER he went on the DL on May 30. Go back now and look at the stats and Kemp doesn't even have enough at bats to qualify for a batting average rank. Sandoval who was hurt for almost a month has 60 fewer at bats then other NL Third Basemen (Wright/Freese).  The rule should read that if you are not playing at least 75% of your team's games (adjusted for starting pitchers...approximately 20-25%) you do not get to be called an all-star (even if you are voted in by the fans). This would also eliminate Bryce Harper from playing, which again, is not (yet) deserved. Note: Mike Trout would still qualify for the game and deserves to be here. He stole 26 bases (2nd in all of baseball) and hit 12 HR and 40 RBI (all much better numbers then Sandoval btw!)

Rule 2: You are not eligible to participate in any All-Star game festivities (Home Run Derby, Celebrity Softball Game, or Competitive Circle Jerk) if you are on the DL going into the break.
So let me get this. The Dodgers are holding on to their season with a wing and a prayer waiting for Matt Kemp to get back, but don't worry. He's honing his skills by competing in the Home Run Derby. And just in case you were wondering, he's tied for 26th in Home Runs in the National League (behind notables like Tyler Colvin, Brian LaHair, and Ian Desmond). You can't play in the regular season, you can't play in the All Star game or related activities.

Rule 3: If you are too injured to play in the All Star Game you must miss (at least) the first 10 games of the second half of the season. 
Ian Desmond  has a bad left oblique. He wants to rest it over the break. Well guess what, you were selected, you will play in the game! If Heir Seilig wants us to believe that the All Star Game really counts then a player (especially one on a potential playoff team) should be expected to play. If you're too injured to play then you should be forced on to the DL and have to miss at least 10 games following the break. Players will either choose to don crutches or have miraculous recoveries. Either way it's a win. The only exception to this rule is if a player goes on the DL prior to the end of the first half of the season. I understand that injuries happen. I'm not a total a-hole (just a partial one).

These rules protect the fans, the players, and the game. It's very important that they be implemented immediately. I'm not kidding. If these don't get taken care of there will be hell to play (mostly in the form of Nickle Beer Night in Milwaukee and Auto-Tune Demolition Night in seven MLB cities).

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