Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Won't Prevent Birthdays

However walking off a real cliff will probably prove celebrating challenging.

We made through another Congressional-imposed cliff and just by the skin of our teeth. Oh the fun. One Congressman, Rep. Steve LaTourette, R-Ohio, told CNN's Dana Bash that he and his colleagues won't be hemmed in by the votes of "sleep-deprived octogenarians" in the Senate. Yep, bipartisanship is alive and kicking!

But I don't want to dedicate today's space to the bi-partisan incompetence taking place just a few dozen miles from my desk. Nope today is the first post of the new year and I'm making a resolution (even though I said last year that I won't make any more resolutions...oh well) to provide more new content this year than I have in the past two. For you that's more of my semi-comedic ramblings and for me it's free therapy because unfortunately my medical insurance doesn't see me as medically certifiable so I can't get to see a shrink on their dime. No today's post is dedicated to two birthday's and unfortunately none have to do with octogenarians but one does have to do with flaky cliffs.

Today, the nice folks at Nestle foods remind us that it is the "90-ish" birthday of Bart Simpson's former favorite chocolatey treat, Butterfingers. Butterfinger designated 2013 as a benchmark for its first 90ish years, as the candy bar originally invented by Chicago’s Curtiss Candy Company was believed to have been promoted as early as 1923 (before it ultimately was sold to NestlĂ© in 1990). However, Butterfinger parent company NestlĂ© holds a trademark document from 1928, thus the 90ish reference around its anniversary, keeping in line with the brand’s irreverent sense of humor.  The folks over at NPR even did a full story on it today.

Now I am a connoisseur of finer chocolates everywhere and Butterfingers rank up there with some of the best. We all know it's not as great as a Toblerone or even the gold standard, REESE'S Peanut Butter Cup, but it is consistent and it's always good. Plus because it's flaky you are almost guaranteed a surprise flake or two in your lap or shirt pocket a few hours later so it's an added bonus. 

Almost as cool as the pseudo birthday of a candy bar is that my kid, Bloggerman Jr. turned 2 years old a few days ago. Do you realize what this means? Well, yes there is a discount now for day care. Ok, I guess you can look at it as he's another year closer to leaving the house. Fine, he's almost ready to get a job and start pulling his weight around here. But I'm talking about something even bigger then all that. As of his birthday, I no longer have to take out a pen and pad to figure out how old he is when people ask me. There is no more, "well he's almost 21 months now..." Nope. He's 2. Next year he'll be 3, and so on. I don't have to think, I don't have to figure, and most of all I don't have to get overly annoyed, vexed, or irked by slack jawed yokles asking me his exact age. Happy Birthday Kid!

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