Wednesday, January 9, 2013

May The Schwartz Be With You

Well clearly they can't show Spaceballs in Encinitas County schools. A parent might think their child was learning Yogurtisim.

It sounds crazy yet according to those liberals over at NPR, parents are suing the school because they are teaching the kids yoga as part of their physical education curriculum. Forget the kids getting healthy, the krazy kristians are worried the kids might be learning Hinduism. In a related story, 15 third grade students asked their parents for permission to get a tattoo of Vishnu on their backs and another 20 have petitioned to have the school mascot changed from the sacred cows to something less offensive like the dirty jungle bunnies.

I just want to understand this. A school is trying to teach kids early on that a healthy lifestyle, complete with food choices and exercise, is the best way to go and parents are fighting it? Wasn't it the parents who are letting the kids establish unhealthy eating habits and avoid exercise in the first place.

Maybe I missed the section in the Bible that says, "thou shall not let thy child to breathe deeply while clearing their mind allowing them to learn more." Was that in The Gospel of Jeremy? I never did get around to reading much of the back half of the book. You know us Jews, we don't like to carry big books.

It really doest matter your chosen faith, we should all be striving to live a little better and provide support to those around us who need a hand doing the same. If kids are learning how to do that at a young age and don't have to battle weight the way many of us have had to do as adults then we should be encouraging that wherever possible. Any judge in his right mind should toss this out immediately.

But we all know that the case will go through and the school may have to blink. Either way the kids loose. I'd hate to see what happens if the school eliminates bacon from the menu. Prepare the lawsuits because the kids are being taught how to be Muslims!

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