Friday, January 4, 2013

There Are Stranger Things But Not Many

Humans have strange addictions and fetishes. We pride ourselves on it. We have shows to prove it. Just look at the lineup on Arts and Entertainment television tonight, Intervention, Hoarders, Pawn Stars.

Well actually that last one isn't really an addiction unless you count my Father-In-Law watching hours of it on end. But that's a topic for another post.

No matter how strange you think something is, chances are there is a pornographer out there trying to make a buck on it. Yep. Porn has ridden the information super highway all the way to the bank. Back in my days, porn was just available in magazines or on Cinemax after dark. But even then it was standard girl on guy or girl on girl or girl on guy on girl action. Nothing too crazy, but boy have things changed.

Today I was reading up on leprosy because I have this thing and it looks a little green...well that's not important. Anyway while reading my friendly Urban Dictionary I came across something called "LeperPorn". Yes....exactly. Pornography specifically for Lepers, which shows bits of their body falling off during sexual activity.

Now that I've swallowed the little bit of vomit that just came up in my mouth, I want to apologize for putting this image in your head but it's important we deal with this issue head on. Actually when I think of leaperporn, I see an actor that looks and sounds a lot like Sam Kinneson yelling at his female counterpart....but your image may vary. I have chosen to spare you from the actual footage but trust me I've done the research and now you know there is one more category of "kinky" that you may have to contend with the next time you dot com. 

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