Monday, July 30, 2007

Comcast trying to screw you again!!

Heads up all COMCAST customers (cable, internet or phone):


If you look in your latest monthly bill (it should have come a within the past week) you will find a black pamphlet entitled "Arbitration Notice." This "change" to your Customer Service Agreement essentially says that unless you opt out within 30 days, you can bring no legal action in a court of law against Comcast. Instead your case will be heard by an arbitrator (which really means, you won't win!). Oh by the way, just to make things fair on both sides, Comcast doesn't relinquish it's right to go after you in court for unpaid bills or other actions.

If you're thinking: Hey I want to opt out! How do I do it? Here's how:

Visit: and fill out the form. You will need a copy of your Comcast bill so that you can enter your entire customer account number as it appears on the bill.

Don't let them screw you!!! FIGHT BACK!

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David said...

They installed a camera in your cable box too.