Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Hour and Urinal Advertising

Well interesting way to start off the weekend. I met up with a Jason and Scot (who came down from NYC) for happy hour drinks downtown. Well as the old saying goes...I call two friends, and they call two friends and so on and so on. So by the time we left, it was the 3 of us and they some guys/girl I haven't seen in a few years (Schanomen, Dybwad, Danthony, Gosser, and KayAnn). Also met Scot's gf, Kate. She is really sweet and we all hope that he doesn't screw this one up! The best part is that everybody seemed to be doing well and it made for a great start to a very busy and as aforementioned busy weekend.

For at least the last 5 years I've noticed advertising signs in Men's rooms at some restaurants and bars. They usually hang over the urinals and sometimes in the stalls. First off it's a great idea and really captures a "captive" audience. However I really have to take issue with some of the advertisers that do and do not choose to spend their money on this form of media. Lets start with those that do. While at the happy hour I made a few visits to the Men's room and saw one ad for a movie that sounded so stupid that I didn't even bother to remember it and another which I want to speak about shortly. In the past I've also seen ads for websites, METRO, and a even cars (good idea, give someone booze and then show them a cool car they could be driving...or even better give someone PCP and then show them Superman flying around!)

The second ad caught my attention as it was for a bladder control drug. These are exactly the kind of companies who should be filling the walls. Why don't the beer companies put these ads up. Oh, you mean I'm at a bar, and I'm intoxicated and you just suggested I enjoy a cold light beer. What do you think the next thing I'm going to do when I leave to go back? Uh...order a stinkin' Miller Lite?? Also what about (and not that I advocate this) the cigarette companies or cab companies, or even your favorite, open-late fast food joint so you can get some fried food.

Not a sermon, just an idea (or wait maybe it is a sermon??)


David said...

"gf" ?????? I want my letters back.

Jason said...

1 - it is "Not a sermon, just a thought"

2 - Can't you spell people's names correct ?

3 - Most movies today are stupid - putting them in the bathroom is better for everyone then.