Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Heretics In T-Shirts

For those of you who are either outside the Metro DC area or don't use Metro to commute in the morning, you may be unaware of the annual summer pilgrimage of the fringe group "Jews for Jesus" and their flier-toating followers to Metro stations throughout downtown.

(The basic idea of the group is that Jesus was a Jew and that you can in fact be Jewish and believe in Jesus as the messiah.)

While I'm not one to bash religions and these folks have every right to believe what they want to believe, they should not have the right to push a flier in my face every day for two weeks straight.

To rectify this situation, this morning when approached by a man (with a beard so white and growing like bramble to the point that he could put on a red suit in December and be confused with a drunk mall Santa Claus) I let him know that I was already "Saved". And then the top of the cake, I turned to him threw my hands to the sky and said "Lord, tell me who should be Smote, and I will Smitten him!"

Yeah it's gonna be a good day!


davighd said...

Who has this list, I wish to add some names of those to be smoten (sp?)

Jason said...

Actually, it was a woman that he was preaching towards - darryl and his keen attention to details.