Tuesday, July 24, 2007

If I See Her Again and The Longest Commercial Block in History

To the lady in the dark green Honda Civic who almost ran me over this morning in the Metro parking lot,

If I see you again, I will pull you out of your car, tie you to the roof, and then drive it off of the top deck.Next time either a) give yourself a few more minutes in the morning so you're not barrelling down the lane of the parking garage or b) just wait for the next train

The moral of the story children is, she STILL missed her train! Life is good!

In Other News: The Longest Commercial Block in the History of Radio...
aired this morning on the Fox Sports Radio, The Steve Czaban Show. From aprox. 6:41 to 6:50 we were treated to commercials ranging from get rich quick schemes, hair replacement, sexual arousal assistance, new cars, and others. What I can't figure out is that if everything on the show is sponsored (studio, updates, segments, even the 5-hour energy plugs every 2 seconds), why all the #$%^&* commercials???? Some sales guy is making a helluva commission!

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