Saturday, July 21, 2007

More stuff in my yard.

We finally took the second to last plunge in becoming official suburban-ites today. Yes, it's true we bought a patio furniture set. (BTW: The final plunge is when Beth drives up in a brand new Minivan!)

So yes, we do have a new set (pictured here). It was a wonderfully fun trip to one Home Depot which had only the table and then on an adventure into "scenic" PG County to that cesspool of humanity known as College Park to lay claim to a full set.

So a few hours down and fully assembled, we had our first glass of Lemonade....err... Iced Tea..... err... I mean water with a sprig of fresh mint.

Now off to rest a bit before heading down to Rockville for an 8k tonight. I'll update with results and pictures later tonight.

Oh and if you were wondering, yes it is the same set that Stacey and Dave have but ours is still cooler!