Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pizza, Donuts, and a Chick Magnet

So an interesting weekend just unfolded. Here's the rundown (since my last post):

Saturday night I ran the Rockville Twilight 8k (5 miles) with a bunch of folks from the Pacers Fun Run team and my friend Hart. Didn't do too shabby, Sonia, Chris, and I all ran about 42 min and change (Sonia ran a 42:06, I ran 42:09, and Chris ran 42:16). That comes out to about 8:28/min miles. Sorry to Sonia who also ran 16 miles in the morning for pushing you so hard at the end (I was wondering why she was saying she was tired!!).

From there it was on to dinner with a bunch of us (Sarah and Marshall) were actually out in Rockville and we managed to catch up with them. So after all 9 of us sat down (outside) with the dog tied to my chair we started to eat....(btw....after the race at the food stand I had a slice of pizza, followed by a half a donut...which went really well together!!!). As the night progressed, many women stopped by and started to play with and ask about the dog, none of which I was complaining about because they were all quite attractive. By the end of the evening one of the guys who stopped by mentioned, to BETH, that the dog was a "chick magnet!"

Now not surprisingly my wife didn't take too kindly to a stranger saying our dog was magnet for hot women to talk to her husband so she shoved the finger with the ring in the guy's face and we all started to laugh after she followed that up by "Yeah well too late, he's married!" In retrospect, maybe the guy would have been more interested in Seth...but he was reading the Potter.

Back to the new patio furniture and we've been making the most of it since getting it yesterday. Today we had breakfast out side while reading the Sunday Post....yeah again we are now official suburban-ites! And then tonight we had Jenna and Jason over for a Bobby Flay night on the grill with 2 different grilled pizzas and grilled squash and zucchini. Beth topped it off with Cotton Candy flavored Angel food cake.

Two last thoughts tonight:
1) Let's go Mets. Check out the story on today's 10-inning game in LA and about the kid who got the game winning hit (I won't mention how bad our softball game went today!!)

2) If you're into Baby's check out the Mighty Baby Boig Blog

Oh, stop reading Harry Potter...somebody dies in the end...if you're wondering who it was the Butler...yep the butler dies in the end... in the Conservatory with the wrench if I remember correctly!

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davighd said...

And I thought it was Col. Mustard in the billard roon with a candlestick or was it OJ in the parlor with a Knife. I get these things confused.