Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Barry Bonds....punk or he's still a punk

I can't really call this day complete until I share my thoughts about Barry Lamar Bonds breaking the all-time Major League Baseball homerun mark last night in San Fransisco. The bottom line on my thoughts is to agree with something Steve Czaban had said on his show recently: Bonds has the record for now and will soon be surpassed. The record will not be taken away by any court or asterisk so just deal with it for now and root like hell for A-Rod to stay healthy and keep hitting them out of the park.

To address another related subject, how great is it that the guy who ended up with the homerun ball is a Mets fan from NY. Turns out he was on his way to Australia and had a stop over in San Fransisco. For his efforts he got battered and bloodied as well as some ripped clothes. This brings to mind this thought (and I'd love the help from my law-firm readership here) what is the responsibility of the ballclub and the ballpark operators to keep the fans safe in a mellay that ensues after such a ball is hit? If you watch the video of the ball being hit:

there are hundreds of fans in the left-center field bleachers who crush each other in trying to go for the ball. Should the stadium not have posted extra security in the outfield seats as well as made announcements (at least one per inning) reminding fans not to chase down the balls hit into the stands unless it comes to your immediate seating area? And even by doing that what is their liability?

Any thoughts?


Stefanie said...

I will find out for you when I have my discussion with the NY Yankees about serving a visibly drunk A$$HOLE WAY too much and then he falls two rows onto yours truly and causes said fan to have a pinched nerve(etc) in their neck and will have to undergo 4 weeks of therapy...WOOHOO! So I'll ask them about that liability too as I make them pay for my treatments since I have no health insurance!

BTW...I'm just pissed Barry didn't hit #756 with someone on base....could have gotten more Fantasy Points BASTARD!

Stefanie said...

One more thing...did you realize that the guy who caught the ball had broken our cardinal rule of not wearing the jersey of a team that is not playing (his friend was wearing an A-Rod jersey). He not only wore a mets jersey...but a mets tshirt too! Two HUGE NO-NOs!

Jason said...

Anyone wearing a Mets jersey - ANYWHERE - should be beaten up on the spot regardless of location, even in Shea Stadium