Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Donuts vs. Pop Tarts ...The debate rages on

Jason raised an interesting point this morning about the choice between eating Pop-tarts or donuts for breakfast. And while I feel that the Pop-tart has the advantage of being toaster ready (the donuts take a lot of stuffing and jamming in to fit) the donut tends to go better for coffee-dunking.

As you can see it's not an easy issue. Both pastries can and should have frosting/icing and both taste better with sprinkles. The tie breaker (or thigh-breaker for the health conscious) should be decided on the nutrition labels.

POP TARTS (strawberry...double this for the 2 pack from 7-11):

Dunkin Donuts (Strawberry Frosted...also 2 of these because who eats just one donut???):

As you can see, each has roughly 400 calories but the donut has double the fat while the PopTart has double the sugar. Do you see why this is not an easy choice?? And it's made even harder by the fact that they are both DELICIOUS!

Well if you can't decide here...have an Egg McMuffin (or similar egg and cheese sandwich).
Oh by the's the nutrition on that one.


David said...

you might want to check your math on that one . . .

It looks to me like the pop-tart has about 600 calories. And the donut doesn't have "double the fat" (pop tart = 24 grams of fat, donut = 18 grams).

Here's a better idea -- eat a piece of fruit.

Jenna said...

I guess its back to donuts for me then - who knew that something so tasty could actually be better for you than a pop tart!

Darryl said...

To those who left comments on the earlier version of this posting I apologize for mixing up the Egg Mcmuffin and Pop Tart labels. they are now correct.

-The Management

David said...

ok -- but how does a pop tart (17 grams) have "double the sugar" of your selected donut (12 grams)?

David said...

And who orders a "strawberry frosted" donut??? Are you a 12-year-old girl?

Stefanie said...

I choose D. a box of fruit get your fruit and sugar all in one serving...YUM