Friday, August 31, 2007

Bathroom Humor

OK, it seems that some of you out there (DAVID) are going to take me to task because I have yet to post anything about the echem...distinguished...Senator from Idaho and his bathroom behavior. We all know what happened, and we all know he's guilty as hell. Oh and if you don't believe's the audio feed.

Here's a list of things that I have yet to see but because the apocalypse is already upon us should be on the news in the next 3-4 days.

1) Gay rights groups coming out in support of Senator Craig. They say that they support their brother and that the police are just out to target the gay community. Coincidentally they also forgive him for his constant barrage against gay marriage/civil unions and remind him that "it's never too late to come out of the closet" and then wrap him up in a rainbow jacket (ala Elvis)

2) A lawsuit filed by Craig against Apple and Young Joc. He was listening to his iPod and the beat was just so damn infectious that he couldn't help but tap his foot on the floor. This, of course, let to the "incidental" contact with the police officer in the stall next to him and thus his arrest and career downfall

It's a short list. What do you want.

In talking about this incident today with a female co-worker I pointed out that according to the "guy rules" on bathroom use, when you go in, you sit down, take care of business, and if needed, finish the sports section. Then you zip up, flush, and leave (hopefully stopping to wash your hands). That's it. No talking, no reaching under the stall next to you, no nothing.

Now even though he was from Idaho where the 20th century is just finishing up, that's no excuse for his behavior. The only thing left is for him to announce that he was confused because of medication he was currently on combined with the Seinfeld episode that aired on the plane. You know the "can't spare a square" one.

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