Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Story and a Sign

First the sign. No. Not a sign from "the man upstairs" but rather a sign that another blogger posted from a strip mall in his home town in California:

What a country we live in (apologies to Yakov Smirnoff...who apparently is still alive in the Ozarks...aka Branson, MO). You can, literally, have your cake and eat it too. Let me take you on a cholesterol filled ride down the artery slide for a moment. Imagine, if you will, that you are in this town in Northern California and fancy yourself some lunch. You see the top sign for In and Out (the worlds best fast food burger..btw) and you saunter in for some beef and fries. But when you finish your sweet tooth kicks in and you whip your head around to see the glow of bright red (closer to pink) neon proclaiming "Hot Doughnuts Now.". As Homer might say...."mmmmmmm......donuts...."

OK from drooling cartoons to one lucky dog. I saw this story on the sidebar in today's paper and it caught my attention. Leona Helmsly, the late hotel and real estate heiress, left $12 million to her dog "Trouble" court documents reveled. You can read the whole story here, but the part that really makes this funny is that she didn't leave any money to two of her grandsons but yet she left $100k to her chauffeur. Let this be a lesson for you children out there who have parents who seem to overly love their may get screwed both in this life and in the afterlife and driving Miss Daisy ain't that bad after all. Just a thought.

Now back to my coffee....damn it's empty....wish I had a Krispy Kreme right about now.

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David said...

I'm disappointed in you. A senator gets "nailed" in an airport bathroom and you write about a street sign???