Friday, August 17, 2007

MLK Street....maybe not in your neighboor"hood"

I was listening to the traffic report on the radio this morning when the reporter said there was an accident at Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in DC. The area of town where the accident took place is not HERTZ (exactly) a "desirable" section of the city to live in due to high crime and poverty rates.

This led me to think about other cities that have MLK Jr. Streets and their conditions. I found this article in the Seattle Times that gives a snap shot of the streets named for the prolific civil rights leader in various cities. It's interesting to note that all while ranging in size from very large central avenues to small 6-house cul-de-sacs are mostly in minority areas. Now I have to clarify, this doesn't mean the area is crime or poverty ridden (in fact if you read the article's many sections, if not all, of the streets are very nice communities with well maintained properties.), but in areas where the population is mostly white you don't find too many streets named for Dr. King.

Why is this? The easy-out answer is that it's more important to honor him in areas of cities and towns where black residents reside. But is that really the case? Didn't Dr. King's message of equality and integration apply to all peoples?

If anybody out there knows of a MLK Jr. named road in a neighborhood that is mostly white please comment about it. I'm interested in finding this out?



David said...

Didn't Chris Rock do this bit about 5 years ago?

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes he did...

Jason said...

all of Darryl's material is either bad or someone else's.