Thursday, August 16, 2007

Out Of My Element...

Or rather INTO my Element to be precise.
That's right fellow readers, after a few weeks of research and a few days of negotiating with the dealers to get the price I wanted (or close to it) and get a color that wasn't puke red nor Kiwi or Orange (banned by my wife).

Today I pulled up to the dealership after getting off work and there was my new "truck" shiny and black just out of the wash. For those of you keeping score at home that's 4 black cars in a row:
1987 Chevy Cavalier

2001 Honda Civic EX

2002 Honda Accord SE

....and now...

So this is it. It's my new 2007 Honda Element. In the coming weeks I'll be joining the Element Owners Club as well as other fun adventures. On the downside you won't hear me complaining about paint colors or credit unions giving me a hard time in applying for loans....oh with it!

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