Monday, August 6, 2007

Tiling, Wine Glasses, and that cool Oven

We continued this weekend with our bathroom tiling project (I really promise pictures this week). When we last left our heroes they had ripped up the vinyl flooring (circa 1976) and taken out the toilet. This weekend came the new flooring and the tiles. After a spirited trip to Lowes (and a return trip 20 min later after realizing we needed more concrete board) we began to try cutting the board (which is screwed to the subfloor to make a nice level surface). Now if you've ever taken a plastic butter knife and tried to cut into the sidewalk you may have had more success (and less dust) they we did trying to use a circular saw to cut into the board. It seems some metals don't "play" nice with cement. After using a handsaw we finally cut the boards down to size and took them upstairs to screw into the floor. Of course our home-improvement luck being what they are, we (meaning "I") broke the screwdriver bit on the drill and we had to go to Home Depot (we feel good about spreading our money around) to get some new ones. Finally late in the afternoon on Saturday we laid the first 4 tiles! Then we promptly stopped for dinner....

...Which is where we pick up our story. We went to a friend's (and frequent commenter on this Blog) house for a wonderful dinner that would have been a all-around perfect nite had it not been for this writer's ability to ruin things at the last second. While at the table with their 9-month old baby girl (she wouldn't
sleep and loved my faces at her with a piece of shellfish in sticking out off my mouth) I thought it would be cute to offer her some of my wine. Well as I got the glass close to her and then tried to pull it away. WHACK! She knocks the very nice glass away from my hand, onto the glass table shattering it, and then onto the nice clean rug! A man can only apologize so much, and I'm not such a man. But Baby was fine, the carpet can be cleaned, and the glass replaced (let me know how much I owe for that). The real looser in all this is the wine which now won't get to be enjoyed. Poor wine. Which by the way was really good. It' was from our time in Cape Cod and was made with Cranberries. The Winery is Truro.

Sunday brought another blood/platelets donation to my friends at the Red Cross. I love coming down there on Sundays for 2 reasons. 1) I can park downtown almost anywhere I want 2) I get to see all the movies which were so crappy when they came out I say I won't waste my money but now that I have a needle (sometimes two) in my arm...what else can I do. But on to my point about the oven. So I'm in a coffee establishment that might rime with DaddyWarBucks (yes...Caribou Coffee....dunderheads!) and I ordered a breakfast sandwich. They heat
them up in these super high-speed ovens which actually do a good job with the difficult toasting aspect (not just a soggy microwave). But it led me to think what else can you put in there besides breakfast sandwiches. I asked one of the employees (I refuse to call them "baristas"....stupid name.....stupid name) if she had ever heated up a slice of pizza in there (a good choice if it in fact can toast it up as nicely....imagine a cold soggy piece of pizza hot and crispy in a matter of seconds...nice) she said she hadn't and then I asked about frogs. ??? Yes frogs....they have been a staple of microwave fun for years. Put them in and watch them explode. The challenge I pointed out is that without a window you really don't get the full effect of the explosion. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Ok I'm back Peace Out.

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