Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Millions Served... errr Screwed (Again)

On my way home to take care of the dog (how evil does that sound??) And then drive back into town (on what has been dubbed "leave your car at home day" in DC) to see if the Metropolitians of New York can't wake themselves up and see if their sacks dropped since their last game.

We will be sitting close to the field for tonight's contest so Mr. Pretty boy David Wright better produce!

Speaking of producing Metro has done screwed up again. How many times is that now? Oh I lost count at a little over McDonalds (billions and billions) a long time ago. Now it appears as if they are doing some work in the parking lot of the Shady Grove station. Problem is they've never expressed that any work was scheduled. Next thing I know, two construction trailers are set up in one lot and spaces are marked for "no parking". I understand the need to do maintenance or upgrade work, but why do they find it so hard to simply say "we will be making repairs to this garage from (date A to date b). Please be aware that during that during this time parking will be at a premium."

Stay tuned more complaints to come.

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