Monday, September 17, 2007

Dog on the Beach? $50 fine

Well only if they catch you that is...

We had a nice weekend up in the NYC or the LI to be more exact. And the Mookster even got her first chance to check out the beach. And not just any beach but we took her to the creme de la creme (or rather the first beach we could sneak her on to): Jones Beach, NY. She of course loved it and started digging right away in the powdery stuff away from the water. But the real fun started when I took her down to the edge of the shore and she got her first taste of salt water.

Most of us would cringe at that but she seemed to like it and went in for a closer look when.....she got side swiped by a big wave and got soaked. She shaked off and then figured if I'm already wet I might as well have some fun and ran back and forth thru the surf dragging her Daddy (that's me...she has my eyes) back and forth and getting his jeans full of water and sand.

Now you would figure that she had enough fun for the day, but no. After she grew tired of the surf she thought it would be fun to pull the leash out of my hand and take off down the beach. Alas, your hero (that's me again) knows better and when she ran full stream back towards me, instead of diving for her, I dove for the leash and came up with the end of it (and a mouth full of sand).

Needless to say there are more trips to the beach on the docket and if nothing else, then just to see her have a blast.

You are also probably wondering what happened to all that sand in the new Element? Well fear not children as upon our victorious return home last night, I took the DustBuster and the ArmorAll and took care of the floor of the car. Now all I have to worry about is not slipping!

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