Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good News, Bad News and The DMV

Aren't the last two essentially the same? Anyway I had to go over to the DMV this morning to get some paperwork to complete the sale of the car. I have constantly complained that the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicle Administration is behind many of their state counterparts in doing business on-line. Of course, I've been spoiled by using Virginia's DMV site for many years and was able to do a lot of business online. With all that said, the Maryland DMV (at least the branch I've been to) hasn't been too bad. There was a small line outside this morning when I got there (about 20 min before they opened) but once the doors opened there was an employee at the door directing you to the right line/desk. When you get to the desk the employee there gives you the correct forms and shows you which fields to fill out and then you wait for your number to come up. When my number was called the employee at the counter was courteous and prompt. Wow, no complaints??? Yeah I guess it was OK.

I got done so fast that I decided to saunter across the room and see the woman at the customized plates desk. Now I've been kicking around the idea of customized license plates ever since we moved to Maryland in December (I had to give up my beloved "DARRYL" plates from Virginia) but I've never really taken action. So I get the forms and see what's available. Well here's the good news: My first choice was available (viewable in a moment). Now for the Bad News: Well there is no bad news at least not yet. What is it with you people, why are you always expecting bad news!?!?!

The new plate is :

Eh....what do you think? Is that cool or what? I drive a "Toaster" and my plate says "TOASTER" now if I only had some real Toast I wouldn't feel that hungry right now.

Ok now on to the Bad News: When I got to the office today and sat down. I spilled my coffee all over my desk and the floor. Really that's not so bad but it's been a good day and I'll choose not to rail on anything for right now. Stay tuned however for some Mets, some OJ, and maybe an egg or two.


David said...

Am I the only person who is utterly confused?

Stefanie said...

Nope. I thought the plate would just say... well I'll keep that to myself :)