Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Two New Additions to the Blog You All Love to Hate

And if you Hate it so much then leave....yeah you heard me Make like a Tree and....Scram!

But if you want to stay check out two new features of the blog:

1) You can add a widget onto your yahoo, Google, or other interactive home page, or even your desktop if you have the right OS that will tell you when I've put up a new posting. Look on the right hand column of the blog for the black button that looks like this:

2) You can now play Donkey Kong right from this blog. Yes the original Italian is jumping flaming barrels hurled at him by a giant monkey for the right to get back his white girl (sounds like the race for president: Giuliani is trying to get back Hillary while Obama throws things at him). Go to the very bottom of this page to see it!

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