Friday, September 28, 2007

The One That Got Away... (and Grey's Season Premier) what the Mets are saying now. A the recommendation of a few of you I've posted this picture which is truly worth 1000 words.

How can you blow a 7-game lead like this? How can the manager just let them walk back into the dugout after blowing another game. If that were me, I wouldn't let them into the clubhouse. They would wait in the dugout until the other team left the field. Then the fun begins...they would run their butts off (or until they dropped, whichever came first). How you can't get fired up about loosing so often and at the stretch run to the playoffs. But don't worry. Manager Willie Randolph is guaranteeing that they'll win "The Whole Thing." At least he's confident.

Fatass Carlos "I can't see the ball" Delgado actually had this to say, "It's not about winning the games. We have to go out there and play." Uh, Carlos, actually IT IS ABOUT WINNING THE FREAKIN GAMES! That's what they pay you the money for. Trust me I've been watching this game for a while and I'm really positive that you go out there to WIN!

But enough complaining there. I'm sure they'll give me plenty more go off on over the last four games of the season.

I also wanted to touch on the Grey's Anatomy season debut last night. I understand that they need to "tie up some loose ends" from last seasons finale but perhaps they let the writers come back from vacation prior to beginning filming. Seriously (stop the jokes), it looked like the producers 8 year old daughter wrote that script. You only got to know one of like 40 new interns who just happens to be Meredeth's sister! If she had an offer to go to Mass General and could only end up at Seattle Gray's then she's really screwed. At least she could have gone in with those guys from Scrubs. That looks like a good Jewish Hospital. Also, and I'm saying this slowly so I can process it: A doctor and her team of interns performed surgery on a deer in the back of a pickup truck parked in the hospital's emergency lot? Surely the doctor that wasted valuable hospital supplies on not only an animal, but one without health insurance, would get in trouble? Surprisingly NO, she didn't get in any trouble. Funny at the end of last season (17 days ago in the show's time frame) did she open a clinic for poor kids at that same hospital. While she was playing Dr. Doolittle, who was manning the clinic. I'm sure her interns could have learned a lot more there then in a parking lot.

OK now I'm really done. I'm going to look for a deer. Or at least a green tractor.


Beth said...

Scrubs Hospital is Sacred Heart. Not very Jewish . . .

David said...

Two things.

(1) The Donkey Kong thing is annoying because I can't shut the sound off.

(2) How many grammatical/spelling errors can everyone spot in Darryl's post? I caught 3 on the first read-through.

Stefanie said...

lets go mets! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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