Thursday, September 6, 2007

Velcro-ed Babies

In recent months I've been surrounded by babies and those having babies. As part of that, I've heard about and witnessed the crying, screaming, sleeping, burping, and even the pooping. This all led me to my latest, greatest idea:

VELCRO-Brand Child Restraint

1) Take Baby and cover diaper and if needed, onesie in Velcro
2) Take wall in home and also cover in the other side of the Velcro
3) When baby becomes too much to handle, or you have groceries, or have to deal with the dogs, stick baby to wall and go about your tasks.

This might also work well for small cats and dogs. I haven't thought about that though...soon.


Beth said...

And THIS is why WE don't have children!

Carla said...

Stay away from my niece!

Anonymous said...

You are a sick, sick man!