Monday, October 22, 2007

Monkeys Dogs,and Kings of the Hill Oh My!

Ok one more quick post:

First you have to see this story from India about where they are filming the latest DVD for "Monkeys Gone Wild."

And then check out the side bar for the Blogs I'm Checking Out section. I've added Mookie's Dogster page for you all to see how cute the pup-a-lup is.

Finally, for anybody who watches King of the Hill, you know that Dale Gribble's alter ego is one Rusty Shackleford. Rusty (much like Dale) doesn't trust the government and tries to rebel at any opportunity. Well if you think that's funny check out this quote from Friday's Washington Post in a story about World Bank Protesters.
In previous years, demonstrations had focused on the institutions' headquarters just west of the White House. But Rusty Shakkleford, 18, said protesters went to Georgetown, in addition to the traditional sites, because it was where the delegates dined and stayed. "We're just here to tell them the American people will not let them exploit the Third World community," Shakkleford said.
It seems that nobody on the Post's editorial staff has time to watch animated TV. This has been Comic Book Guy reporting.

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