Monday, October 22, 2007

Is it easier to get around downtown Baghdad?

Anybody working in downtown DC today? The answer is yes, but they are all late. Is it a case of "The Mondays" or is it just the IMF/World Bank meeting?

I'll give you a's not The Mondays!

The above mentioned world banking groups held their annual meeting this weekend and along with the influx of diplomatic plates and road closures came the ubiquitous protesters (I won't even begin to start on them because my seething anger at these dopes won't stop for 10 or so posts). But what really gets me are those road closures.

If you close down the streets between the World Bank buildings for the weekend, it's no big deal as those roads are usually really quiet then, but to have the audacity to close down the roads on Monday and force the thousands of cars who normally traverse that area to bail out and find alternate routes. Oh yeah and to top it off...our fearless leader decided 745am would be a good time to block even more traffic with a motorcade.

Only in America!

But would it be such a bad thing to move these meetings and the problems they bring to a remote location? Say they hold the meetings on a farm in the middle of Iowa? The World Bank's critics already complain that they are not being transparent enough, so why not become remote too? Or even better, lets hold the meetings in another country. Let's hold it over in France and let the french police and citizens battle with this traffic.

I'm going to have my morning coffee now.

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