Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October Birthday Buddies

I would be remiss in my blogging duties if I didn't give due diligence and "mad props" as the kids say to those who share my birthday month. Now I realize this isn't everybody and in fact you may read this and say, "Hey nutjob, you forgot about me!" Well if that is really the case, add a comment and tell me your birthday. I'm old and beginning to forget things!

October Birthday Buddies:
10/1: Dave Gayln
10/1: George "Hannibal Smith" Pepard

10/6: Me
10/6: George "I helped invent electricity" Westinghouse

10/10: Carla Birnbaum (Happy 30th!)
10/10: Bret Favreeeeeeeeeeeeeee (the extra e's are for E)

10/11: Grandma Ellie
10/11: Lloyd Goldberg
10/11: Luke "Is My Hair Straight? better yet am I?" Perry

10/12: Stacey Chandler
10/12: Marion "I was on the Clear" Jones

10/30: Jenna Boig (her real bday is the 31st but I want her to feel a bit younger)
10/30: John "I wasn't good enough to be the 1st President" Adams

There you go, that's the list.


Beth said...

some people you forgot:

Scott Schoeneweis 10/2
El Duque 10/11
Pedro Martinez 10/25
Anderson Hernandez 10/30

YES I am obsessed even thought they could not give themselves a birthday presetn this year.

Carla said...


Stefanie said... there's a great reliever!

Tara said...

Nice try - but Jenna's birthday is on the 31st (Halloween) - not the 30th! :-)

Seth said...

You share a birthday with Elizabeth Shue! It was her boobs (in Cocktail) that made me gay!