Thursday, October 18, 2007

POST # 100 - Did you make my list?

In thinking what to post for #100 (check the archives if you don't believe me) I sat and sat and sat some more (my butt is getting sore) trying to think of what would mark this momentous occasion. I have another post coming today on meeting Bill Clinton last night but I really wanted to express my frustrations with many of the people in my life too so I'm going to put the former on hold for a few minutes and continue to regal the little people out there (that's you) with the
TOP 10 People
Piss Me Off

#10: People who wear costumes to places where they don't belong, usually to illustrate a political or social point

#9: People who drive with a dog (or other pet) on their laps

#8: George Bush

#7: People who park in Handicap spaces (with proper tags) but who clearly don't need it.

#6: People who repeat the question just asked of them to begin their answer

#5: Most Children

#4: The Cable Company (Even though I don't have cable this story makes me hate them)

#3: Metro train operators who change the final destination of the train you are on while in mid route.

#2: Matt Lauer and the rest of his Today Show co-horts.

#1: Bloggers that make stupid lists

Enjoy and keep on looking at the stars (it'll make it easier for me to steal your rims).

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