Tuesday, October 16, 2007

26.2 miles Down and One Blister Left To Go.

When you last left your hero (that's me!), he was signing off on Friday and ready to take on the challenge of running his 11th marathon, and his 2nd one in Baltimore. He (me) was trying to break his personal best time (to high to mention here) and felt strong about going into training. The following transpired between 4pm Friday and about 1am on Sunday.

Friday 5pm:
Took the Mookster for a walk in the park. I would have liked to get a last run in but didn't want to push my luck. She seems happy, little did she know what was ahead of her.

Friday 7pm: Beth comes home and we go to dinner at a fine Italian eatery, That's Amore. Ok so its not a fine eatery but at least they don't spit in the food (I think). I'm amazed that a place like this can call themselves Italian. The Italy type food is more then just pasta and meat. Everything here had either meat or 4 types of cheese. Normally I wouldn't complain and dig my fork in but the night before the marathon I don't have any interest in stopping 6 times along the course to take care of cleaning out my colon...plain pasta only for me.

Saturday 5am: An early morning wake up call for all of us to get ready and head out the door by 6am to Baltimore. Lucky for us, no traffic.

Saturday 7am: Up at Raven's stadium getting warmed up and my things together. Beth and the Mookster were hanging out too. Then of course that tricky colon was in need of cleaning. The challenge is that the line for the one Men's room was not only out the door but wrapped around a few times. Just then when we thought that all hope was lost, a stranger appeared (not masked) who told your hero (Yes, it's still me) about a mens room 2 sections over which was "unlocked". I took a chance and broke the line, and sure enough, I had a whole restroom to myself, my thoughts, and well...you get the idea. As soon as I came back to the main section of the stadium where everybody was the Evil Security Forces put the kibosh on any further use of the "secret" john. The same security force also kicked out my loving wife and dog to the outside because G-d forbid that a dog be hanging out where people routinely chug beer, vomit, smoke and put out cigarettes. That might be unhealthy!

Saturday 8am: Race time and why let those of us that are trying to traverse 26.2 miles walk a short distance to the starting line. Nah, let's make them walk all the way around Camden Yards too, because we want their feet to hurt just a little bit more! The race started off nice and the weather was near perfect (50's, sunshine, and a very soft breeze).

Saturday 10am: Just about half way done and I got my second Doggie kiss of the day. Beth (who gave me a regular kiss) was awesome the whole day and really helped push me on with her cheering.

Saturday 11am: Just past Mile 19 and my back is seizing up again. Same damn place it did during last years race... I need to walk for a bit to see if I can straighten this out.

Saturday 11:15 am:
I haven't finished mile 19 yet and the tightness/spasm isn't getting any better. I decide to try running again down to Lake Montabello. I make it to mile mark 20 and continue through.

Saturday 11:30ish am: My back is still killing me so I run thru mile 21 and then walk up the hill toward 22.

Saturday 11:50 am: person of the day. A black girl in her early 20's was complaining that all these runners were making her late for work (she chose to use a few (all times are approximate now as my head isn't letting me do lots of math) I make it up the hill and can see 22 right in front of me...back is really tight now but I need to push to make the finish so off I go. Just past the water stop I ran into my first really Ig-nantexpletives that I won't repeat....this is a family blog!) Now would I be your hero if I didn't respond?? Unfortunately, all I could muster at that point was a F-U, but I would have preferred to go with the great Easy-E line of "Before you get that hit, you need to get your knees dirty." (Those that get it, please explain it to those that don't.)

Saturday 12:40pm: Coming onto the finish line after running the last 3 miles down hill. Just before that I tried to eat some gummy bears that were being handed out. I think I got three in my mouth and then spit them out one by one...no chewing for me. Anywho, I got down to the finish line and saw Beth. I was so excited that I yelled, "Med Tent, med tent, med tent!", crossed the finish line and hopped in a wheel chair. The express ride to the Medical Tent was punctuated with only a quick stop to pick up my medal.

Saturday 12:50ish: The Medical tent is staffed by Johns Hopkins University Medical staff and students (arguably the best medical school in the country). What kind of fancy treatment do I get but a back rub on a cot. Now that said the young lady who attended to me was fairly attractive but not nearly as attractive as the site of my wife and dog waiting for me as soon as I got out. Not sure where I was going with that but let's press on.

The rest of the day was a bit of a wash as I made it home, ate some lunch and rested a bit. My folks made it in later in the afternoon and we all went out to celebrate at the Flaming Pit, which, as Santiago so perfectly summed it up, is either a great place for a steak or a very open Gay S&M bar. Turns out it was neither. No real kinky stuff (sorry Seth) and the steak wasn't that good either. It was really great though to be surrounded by friends and family

So the summary of today's post (don't you wish they could all be like this) is: Ran my 11th marathon in 4 hrs and 41 min, got a back rub, went home, found 2 blisters on my left foot, ate bad steak, had a great time!

Check back tomorrow (or later today if the mood strikes me) for a special 100th NLAJ (Nobody Likes a Jerk) post.


Seth Marc said...

Um, I hate to break the news to ya, but Santi and I got kinky in the mens room at the flaming pit.

Stefanie said...

Thanks for sharing Seth...who wants some steak?!?

Darryl....congrats on yet another waste of 26.5 miles. :)