Monday, October 22, 2007

Throw The Damn Flag!

You know the little yellow one with the weight tied to one end. Yeah a Penalty Flag. I want to carry one...what of it?

Part of the reason I've started this blog is therapeutic. It's an outlet for me to vent frustrations with the daily world. The problem is, there are still idiots and dunderheads out there who continue to aggravate me on a daily basis. So the time is now to strike back. When I see something or somebody "acting a fool" I will be there to blow my whistle, throw the flag and then get on my little PA system (This blog) and announce it to the world (or my5-10 loyal readers).

Right about now you are asking yourself, "How is that different from the other rancid garbage I've been reading about at this site for the past few months?" The answer is, it's not different at all, except I really want to wear this flag around town and then throw it (very literally) at the people who bother me.

I think I had too much time to think this weekend.

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