Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Costco Restors my Faith in Humanity

It wasn't that long ago when everything was bleak and dreary for humanity as seen through my eyes. The whole lot of you were dregs and psychopaths only out for you with no concern for anybody else around you.

The Good News is that I still believe that to be mostly true. The bad news is that I'm no longer 100% sure of such things and here's why.

Yesterday after work, I swung over to Costco to look for a gift for my folks. I had something very specific in mind but when I got there they didn't have what I was looking for. Since I schlepped all the way out there already, I thought it was best to look around or at least get some free tastes.

I ended up in line with a new jacket (I look like a classy valet) and a bag of coffee for the office. If this were a traditional supermarket, I wouldn't have to worry because there would be an express lane. Well for any of you who go to the large warehouse stores you know there is no such thing and even if you have 1 lowly item, you must wait behind 10 people each with a cart piled so high that it could block out the sun.

Yesterday was no exception. The "shortest" line there had a women with all her items on the register belt, a full card (unattended) behind that, a guy with a 1/2 full cart after that and then me. Just as the women at the register (3 in front of me) was about to start getting rung up, the owner of the full cart (2 in front of me) came back with a 2nd full to the brim cart. She let me and the guy in front of me to cut her (1 person) and then the guy let me cut him (2 people) and then the women at the register let me cut her too (3 people). I couldn't believe that!! They were all nice and kind and said you only have 2 items...go ahead.

If this were only the case everywhere we went. Can you imagine getting to the front of the line at the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving when all you have is a small bottle of cinnamon? Or going to the front of the line at the DMV when you only need to get a copy of a your driving record? Or going to the emergency room bleeding from a gun shot you can get attended to before the illegal immigrant who doesn't have insurance and needs a splinter removed. Ok let's not get that excited!

Either way I'm back and I'm not bleeding so it's a start. Do you need your car parked?

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