Friday, November 30, 2007

The I-man Is Back...

...well not quite yet. We do have to wait until Monday morning at 6am but for all intensive purposes Don Imus' 8-month hibernation from radio is over on Monday.

I shouldn't have to recap what happened to him back in April when he made some choice comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team. Bottom line, his words were in bad taste and could be offensive, BUT they were not against any law but yet he was punished like he shot someone dead on live TV.

The point is he is back and I'm psyched. He'll be broadcasting on WABC radio 770am in New York and syndicated by a few stations across the country on Citadel's Broadcasting Network. It will also be simulcasted on RFD network (currently available on Dish and DirectTV).

Most of the guests are coming back too with the exception of the spineless pantywaists at Newsweek, who are cowering behind the Management's decision to ban them from appearing on the show.

Now it's time again to discuss Fat Al Sharpton. I can only hope after the niceties are taken care of tomorrow morning (welcome back, good to be here, et al) that the I-man takes his verbal sword and sticks in threw this jackass's eye. No fate that Sharpton can suffer short of death is going to make me happier. He is the lowest of the low and the Black community in America deserves all the criticism they get when they let him "speak for them." He has no actual credibility but yet the news media runs to him and drools over every word he has to say. I can't even begin to understand why.

On a related note...I was reading articles about the I-man's return yesterday and came across this nugget from the Topeka, KS Capitol Journal.

Scroggins to protest return of Don Imus

The Capital-Journal
Published Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Human rights activist Sonny Scroggins will be at the Capitol at noon Monday as Civil War soldier James Whitfield Ross of the First Kansas Colored.

The appearance will coincide with the return of Don Imus to the airwaves on WABC radio in New York

. Imus was fired from his talk show because of negative remarks he made about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

Scroggins is continuing the protest against "misogynist lyrics" in gangsta rap. The public is invited to attend and participate in the protest.

For more information on the protest at the Capitol, call Scroggins at (785) 232-3761 or (785) 845-6148.

As I pointed out in my letter to the editors can someone over there please tell me what a man dressed as a civil war soldier has to do with either a radio talk show host or "misogynist lyrics in gangsta rap? What do those 3 things have to do with one another (besides the fact that Lincoln's favorite music was gansta rap...he loved to shake "dat tang")? Is he protesting because Imus and the rappers both referred to nappy headed hos as "nappy headed hos"? Or is it because he's just a dope. I'm in for the latter. If you are in Kansas and reading this idiot and really bitch him out. He deserves it for being yet another person in an ever continuing line of people who abuse their first amendment rights by protesting the things that nobody cares about. How is this news?!?!?!

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Talessman said...

I think you read the story from CJonline wrong. I work closely with Sonny Scroggins; he's been to several of my protests and I've been to several of his. Granted, we protest for different causes, but we see eye to eye most of the time.

Sonny is NOT protesting the return of Don Imus - if anything, he's celebrating Imus' return.

Sonny's whole point is, "How can we get mad at what Imus says, when Snoop Dogg says things 10 times worse?!?"

I agree with that 100%. I never had a chance to listen to Imus, but I saw his remarks on TV. I don't see HOW they are anywhere near as bad as what we hear in many rap songs.

So again, I think you got Sonny's purpose wrong. You can email him at, and I'm sure he'd be happy to discuss this with you further.

Oh, and I definitely agree with you about Al Sharpton, that piece of $h*t murder supporter just needs to go!


Thomas Lessman