Monday, December 17, 2007

2 Many Parties, 2 New Games, 2 Annoy Telemarketers

STOP! Stop the holiday parties. I really appreciate all the invites and the thought and planing (and expenses) that go into these things but there are just too many. I want to see 2 parties each year. One work and one personal. I have to say I'm very pleased that my office again is hosting their party in the middle of the day so as to discourage children and spouses/significant others from coming out. It cuts down on the amount of people that I need to pretend to be friendly with and the amount of small talk that I need to endure. At least at a personal party you have your friends there and can catch up with them and relive the "old times" that seem to get wilder as the years progress. I'm reflecting on this today because, after a full weekend of events, I noticed yet another gray hair. So not only am is the top of my head resembling the hole in the ozone layer but now I'm going gray too. I can't handle it any more! I need to go over and apply for a job at the post office.

Thanks to the friends we had over to dinner last night, I have a new game to drop in the old Xbox and give a whirl. Lego Star Wars. It sounds corny but it looks really fun. We all have seen the shoot 'em up games that are looking more realistic but how cool is it to blow apart a bunch of Legos. It's just like when I was growing up, your friend would build a tower of Legos and I'd smash it apart. (now if only Al Sharpton would build a tower, it would be my pleasure to smash it!). Plus the aspect I'm most looking forward to is the ability to blast an Ewok into a million smaller blocks! I am really looking forward to giving it a go tonight. I also picked up a game I've been looking for in the "used" bin for a while, Def Jam Fight for NY. The game is a fighting oriented game (we can never be too violent) that utilizes over 40 hip-hop industry names (and Carmen Electra). I'm looking forward to pitting Ice-T against Flava Flav. A battle for the ages.

Lastly, thanks to Mr. Dan for sending this tidbit to me today. It's a recording of a guy who uses this routine to annoy the hell out of telemarketers. I think I might modify this one and try to record it the next time I get a call. Take a listen and enjoy.

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