Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday Themes Continue: Part 3: "JEWMONGOUS"

Sitting at my desk listening to traditional music of the Hanukkah season when all of the sudden a guy named Sean Altman comes on my radio. He is singing of being a Jew in a Nudie Bar on Shabbat and not being able to tip the dancers. (A good point...and can I tip less then a dollar?) He also sings of "Ruben, The Hook Nosed Reindeer*" and other holiday classics.

This lead me to do a bit of research on Mr. Altman and his band: JEWMONGOUS. Well they are a newer group and have just released their debut CD "Taller than Jesus" and I have to tell you after listening to a few of their tracks they are really good. They are up in the satirical class of one Mr. Kinky Friedman.

Here is the website. I highly suggest heading over there and checking out their music. For even more fun they are playing some local DC area spots on Xmas Eve and Xmas Night. I'm going to look into some tickets. Sounds like Fun!

*Ruben the Hook-Nosed Reindeer is actually performed by Mr. Altman's previous (now defunct) band, What I Like About Jew.

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