Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Bar Takes Shape

Well as you can see the bar is begining to take shape. For those of you who didn't know or who haven't heard me obsess about this since we bought our house, I'm building a bar in the basement.

Because I'm cheap (and proud of it), the bar is built exclusivly out of pine with a frame of 2x4s and plywood "pannels".

The biggest lesson learned to date: 2x4s are not 2"x4". They are in reality, 1" and change by 3 1/2". This knowledge would have been helpful when cutting my plans (to be posted after bar compleation). Speaking of cutting, it couldn't have hurt if I'd thought about the 1/8" of the saw blade used to cut the 2x4s. Therefor on a 10ft board, you get a cut of 5ft and a cut of 4 7/8ft.

Not to worry, I braved all of that and am done with the frame. By the SuperBowl I hope to have the countertops down and the bar sanded. Staining and design work will continue thoughout the winter. Make sure to keep checking back in. Same Bar time, same bar channel.
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Seth Marc said...

Is this going to be a gay bar?