Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mooks is a Wonkette

I had two theories proven correct Monday night.

1) The President has zero charisma and even less intellect. Anybody with a lick of common sense and memory that spans longer then lunch might think, based on earlier phonic challenges, that the word “nuclear” might have been scratched out of the State of the Union. Perhaps we could have replaced it with something else. How about every time the word was in the speech, Bush would press a button and the proper pronunciation would come over the PA system. Maybe James Earl Jones could read it. Or what about having a flash card with “NUCLEAR” on it and every time he came to talk about the “evil doers” he would hold the card up.

2) My dog is clearly not interested in the state of our union. Eyewitness reports tell us that she was full of not only vim but also vigor when the broadcast began the other night. However, within ten minutes of the words “…my fellow Americans…” she was out cold (and snoring). Clearly she is more then content with the state of “her” union: A full bowl of food in every kitchen, a bumper crop of stuffed toys, and a warm bed for every American Dog!

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