Monday, January 14, 2008

Impeach Him You Say?

Living in DC (Outside the Beltway thank you very much) you have no choice but to have some opinion on politics no matter how vague of an opinion it may be. As you well know I tend to have very few “vague” opinions on any issue and this is no different.

Last week I received a flyer in the mail in support of reelecting my current congressman, Albert Wynn. On one side of this flyer (of which I can’t yet find a picture) is a very flattering picture of Mr. Cheney with a large headline screaming “Support Congressman Wynn’s Effort to IMPEACH CHENEY” The back of the flyer reminds us that Bush and Cheney are “liars” and we should support Wynn in his efforts to get his bill HR 333 (complete with the articles of Impeachment) approved through the House of Representatives.

Um…er….um….Congressman, perhaps we shouldn’t take this path. I mean where were you seven and a half years ago when Cheney started all of the garbage in office? Or four years ago when we invaded Iraq? Or even last year at the height of the Dems take over of Congress? Nope, instead you chose to wait until it was an election year for your seat. Yet I don’t think that alone would be enough for you to produce (or at least attach your name) to such a publication. Nah, you’ve had almost no real challenge to your seat for years, which of course could explain your excessive corpulence (FAT). No, this had to be fed by real fear, the fear that only a real election threat could summon. That fear is Donna Edwards. I don’t care who wins because you are both crooks who run primarily on race instead of realizing that you represent more then PG County.

What really bothers me about this flyer and the bill that it promotes is that you are trying to insult your constituents by highlighting this effort only because you are in for an election battle. Want more proof? Let’s look at some of the other sponsors of this “legislation” (because we don’t need more help with medical care, social security, energy, education, etc). First is perennial last place presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich is looking for any kind of attention that may lift him just above Eugene V. Debbs and Mickey Mouse in the polls. And last but not least is our friend from Florida, Robert Wexler. Mr. Wexler was so busy campaigning at the end of last month that he missed voting on the last 5 bills of the session:

H R 2764 (2008 State Department appropriations)

H R 4040 (Consumer Product Safety Modernization Act)

S 2499 (Schip Extension Act)

H R 3996 (Temporary Tax Relief Act of 2007)

H R 3690 (U.S. Capitol Police and Library of Congress Police Merger Implementation Act of 2007.)

If you’re keeping score at home, he’s against Diplomacy, Kids (safe toys and health care), eliminating or at least delaying the AMT, and helping keep the Government safe by combining two police forces and allowing them to communicate better. Wait, you say, “he’s not against those things, he just didn’t vote.” Funny I thought that was his JOB…to vote on bills that effect his constituents and the American people.

The bottom line is that Cheney and Bush are both crooks and war criminals, but there is a class of people who sit on a lower rung of the scum latter then them. I’m speaking of politicians who are so self-involved in keeping their office so they can continue to suckle from the teat of the American tax payer. Al Wynn, there is no way in hell are you getting my vote now… I’d gladly pull a “Wexler” and not vote if I have to.

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