Friday, January 25, 2008


This is a note to all the presidential candidates out there, please stop trying to be:
1) My best friend
2) My neighbor
3) The everyday man/woman

Didn’t we learn something eight years ago when we elected the slightly retarded son of a former President for the role? He was the common man who was “in touch” with America. Well he proceeded to touch us alright. He touched our security into the toilet; the same goes for separation of church and state and the economy.

As the current group of candidates are ever more analyzed, probed, and prodded they yield their sense of right and wrong to the advice of pundits and advisers who tell them, for example, going on the David Letterman show is a good idea. Today’s example is Barak Obama.

Mr. Obama you are not a funny man. That’s not an insult, just the truth. Not everybody can be funny. I am but there are some people that would debate that as well. Your delivery is staunch and reserved, not outgoing, which is (again) not a bad thing. I would like a president who has an austere look and feel (better then the goober in the oval office now). You were reading the list provided to you by Letterman’s writers, who in their own right, aren’t funny. You are speaking to people who stay up to 1130pm or later at night. They tend to be college students and the chronically unemployable, both of which aren’t large, important voter blocks.

Your delivery of the #1 on the Top 10 List: Vice President Oprah is again not funny. Ignoring the obvious fact that it was a joke, but if you think the American public hates Hillary, just try putting Oprah on your ticket. Even Dr. Phil would vote for the Republican. Furthermore as we all know, the #1 is never as funny as the #2 yet the crowd still goes bananas...again the chronically unemployed!

Now if you can read this blog chances are that you have a job (and shame on you for reading this during working hours…and shame on me for writing this during working hours) and you were sleeping during Mr. Obama’s floundering on National TV. For you, here’s the video:


Two more quick things:
1) I’m now 10% of who I used to be (down 18 pounds since October)!
2) Today’s Fun Friday Fact: A jiffy is actually 1/100 of a second.

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