Monday, January 28, 2008

Thank You and Stop Looking At Me

Happy Monday Everybody!

Say, “Thank You.” You can say it either because of I just sent a nice greeting your way or because you just want to. But whatever you do please say those two “magic words” when somebody holds a door open for you. Today alone, three people have gone in and out of doors I’ve held for them today without so much as even a “nod” in my direction.

Excuse the Seinfeld-ism but, “What’s the deal with that?”

How hard is it to even mutter “thanks”? These people (and those of similar ilk) all bother the bejeepers out of me. Why can’t people just take a second to be “civilized”? Yet another reason we’re going to hell in a hand basket (and not a picnic basket as previously thought).

Speaking of people taking the “down” escalator, if you sit in a cube or office that keeps the door open and faces the hallway, do not stare at me as I walk by on my way to the men’s room, stairway, vending machine, etc. You chose to keep your door open. You choose to sit facing the hallway and not the window. This was your choice. You have the choice to keep your head down and on your work (instead of say, blogging). But you don’t choose to do those things. You choose to stare at me (with quite an angry look in your eyes along the lines that I’m disturbing your life’s work) as if I had a choice about walking down the hall. Well I guess I could walk down the hall the other way and down the stairs, go outside and walk around the building and then go back up to my floor to the vending machine. That seems like a lot of exercise to get for a diet soda. If it were a regular soda or a candy bar then I can see it, maybe.

Yep, Happy Monday!

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