Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Bar is ALMOST Done

I have to preface this with "Almost" because we have three more steps to go. I will get to those in a moment. First off we are getting closer. This past week the bar was prepped, stained, and varnished. The drop cloth has been removed and the wine fridge was installed (pics on all this coming later tonight).

My loving wife, Mrs. Blogger, helped me complete the toughest job of the whole project, the top of the bar. Sunday morning we cleared off the dining room table (which was no small feat in and of itself) and loaded up the top and a few boxes of old baseball cards. We glued over 500 cards to to the top and then put two layers of "mod poge" on top to help seal them down. (see pics)

Now this brings me to what's left to do. I realized that the varnish on the top would take forever to build a thick coat (after putting on 4 already). We went over to the craft store and found "pour-on latex finish". This will produce a thick, clear surface that is roughly the equivalent of 50 coats of varnish.

The second item that needs to be done is to post molding around the top of the bar which will not only make the bar look better but also help create a "frame" for the latex finish and prevent it from running off and over the sides.

Thirdly small 6" supports need to go between the service top and the top to give it a bit more stability.

All of this will be accomplished by the end of next weekend and final pictures and plans will be posted at that time.

Until then....

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