Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dry Your Eyes, It’s Only Oprah.

If you thought that we’d hit a new low in terms of marketing and licensing of television and movies, you thought wrong. Oprah “My VaJay-Jay Hurts” Winfrey is teaming with ABC to promote “Oprah’s Big Give” show coming up on March 2 by including packages of tissues in your Sunday newspaper’s TV section. The tissues will be branded with “Tears of Joy” to remind people that while watching Oprah and the latest “Extreme Makeover” (you know the show that gives people a new house which they promptly have to give up when they can’t make the tax payments on the renovations) that it’s ok to cry.

Kleenex? Are you kidding me? How about swapping those out with a package of batteries so I can make sure my remote control is well stocked so I won’t have a problem changing the channel when these new lows in American television air. For more on this story click here for the MediaPost’s take on it.

By the way…Strong Bad’s latest e-mail takes aim at licensing products. It’s worth the few minute distraction.

I also want to take this opportunity to point out that American Idol is now more popular then anything else in America. According to the latest Neilson Ratings for Tuesday (2/19) night’s show, 25% of all televisions on in America were tuned to Fox and these priming pre madonas who think that they are the latest “shiznit”. As only Don King could say, “Only in America!”

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