Thursday, March 27, 2008

For Sale: 1 Calendar. Year 2007

For Sale: 1 Chinese “Style” Calendar, Year 2007 Price: Negotiable

I have a very common Chinese “style” calendar for sale. It is a vertical style calendar breaking the year down into twelve months. There are three columns and the months go across and then down. The days of the week are all there too. You also get a drawing of some cute panda “style” bears on the top.

This calendar is great for all sorts of buyers. Time travelers for example could use it to locate the exact day they want to travel back to (providing it falls during 2007). People in comas or with memory problems can use it to track time since they probably don’t remember what year they’re in now.

Also this is a great present for those of you who are really lazy and don’t want to show a lot of effort in your presents. Just tell the recipient that although it says “2007” it is also good in 2018. This could also be good for that time traveler mentioned earlier!

I am a motivated seller and want this calendar to do some good so come and make me an offer!

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