Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Wednesday, Now Get to Reading

A short post today. I have two wonderful articles to share with you, both are inspiring and uplifiting and worth your time.

1)For Guard and His Fan, Strength in a Number- Washington Post
Story of Max Bass, a 5-year old from Maryland who has connected with the point guard at the University of Wisconsin, Michael Flowers over the younger's battle with leukemia.

2) It's Hard to Say Goodbye to Shea - New York Daily News
Gary Myers writes about his earliest moment at the Mets (soon to be ex) home with his Dad and brother before the stadium was built, and traces his time from playing hookey in high school, to hawking beer and hot dogs in college, to working for the TV broadcast team after school.

Sorry for the lack of more substance but these are really good and wanted to share with you.

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