Tuesday, March 4, 2008

To Ski or Not to Ski: Part III

It really wasn't good from the get go. I was up at 630 and the head was kickin while the stomach was flippin (see Scotch Barley soup from "Part II") but I was up and thought some fresh air would get me moving in the right direction. Down to the lower lot I went to dig out the cars as we had about 6" fall overnight. I finished in. about an hour but didn't feel much better. I really didn't have a choice but to get going and hit the slopes anyway. I drove a few of us up to the mountain and on the way out of the house, we saw a girl walking down the street and gave her a ride to the slopes (she'll be back in the story a bit later on.)

After a few runs in the fresh powder I still wasn't feeling any better but the powder was a nice treat. That is until Bloggerman went down "The Chute" and saw the photographer taking pictures. As I was trying to tell him "get a good shot!", Boom, I bit it hard, face first. Oh well, the only real downer was that he didn't get a real good shot! We met up for lunch just after JT went back home with a tweaked knee (he's fine now) and ML decided to also call it quits for the day. When we got out of lunch MS' skis were missing. It turns out some dope took his by mistake and didn't check the numbers. Dumbass... You'd think that the bindings weren't quite right might be a hint!

The afternoon was fine but my head was still pounding. I rode the rest of the day with JN doing the greens. We met up at closing time at the main lodge with a live band, but my head was pounding hard by that point and I really didn't want to stay, so I bailed out into a driving snowstorm that came out of nowhere and reduced visibility to virtually nothing. After fighting my way(along with all the other 500 cars down the mountain at 5 MPH I got a call from GG who needed a pick up down at the other lodge. I finally found him and brought him back up to the main lodge with the band and headed back home to wait for their call. The next hour was spent fighting my way back down the mountain (with the traffic) and then getting the car stuck in the 8 new inches of snow that had fallen in the back lot since this morning. After a few tries I got the guys to come down and help dig me out. You haven't lived until you've seen 4 guys who've lived in the South try to dig a car out of snow...but we couldn't have gotten out without their help so big ups to JT, JL, ML, and MZ for pushing. We finally got the car out and were on our way back up to the house when the guys who were up at the lodge came out...they had gotten a ride back. Doah!!! I returned the skis...done for the trip and came home to requests for a really good Bloody Mary.
BloggerMan's Bloody Mary:
1 cup tomato juice
2 jiggers vodka
4 splashes hot sauce
1 pepperoncini
Mix all the ingredients (except for pepperoncini) over ice and stir.
Cut just the tip off of the pepperoncini, then squeeze juice into cup.
Complete by stirring drink again using the pepperoncini and then serve
A few Advil later and I started to feel quite a bit better. GG had a great idea on a way to spend Sunday and I had him book it (more on the next post). Then we headed off to dinner and Sushi Yoshi. A stomach filled with Japanese and Chinese food plus a crappy fortune does the system good and I was up for heading next door to the Pickle Barrel to hear Never in Vegas. 4 hours later we were back at the house for the after party (started at 2am) with about 40 people...I will again spare most of the details but we passed out some time around 5am.

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