Tuesday, March 4, 2008

To Ski or Not to Ski: Part II

Note to self: if you are sleeping by a window and don't want to wake up at sunrise, close the shade!
I wish I remembered that last night. 630am: up and psyched to hit the slopes. SB and I jumped in the car and headed to the rental shop to get the skis. One thing that I was very pleased with is that I packed well enough (actually too much) that I didn't really need to buy any gear up on the mountain, however I did invest in a pair of long ski socks which really proved worth it at the end of the day. We drove up, unloaded and met up with some of the guys on the slopes.

After 8 years off of skis and a knee surgery to boot I was a little unsure how my body would handle it, but, as it turns out, skiing is no different from castrating a bull. You never really forget how. The mountain was virtually empty and the snow was packed and groomed...perfect day. The morning was spent on circles and squares to get my feet back under me but after lunch I hit some of the diamonds. This was the best and most challenging part and the last run of the day down "East Falls" trail provided the best fall of the day. MS and I were going down with Bloggerman in the lead. Out of the corner of my eye I see MS wipe out so I pulled over to the side of the trail to wait for him. After his 30 yard trek back up hill to get his other ski, we were on our way again only to see him bite the snow a second time. This break was a little longer so I broke out a snack pack from my jacket and had a nosh. He was ok and we met up with the guys and headed back.

Back at the house, the hot tub was running and the beverages were all cooling in the snow around it. I want to thank BB for offering the $10 to anyone who wrestled him in the 8 feet of snow on the ground. Sure it was a little cold in nothing but a bathing suit but ten is ten and it was a great bit of entertainment! We showered up and hit the Wobbly Barn for some prime rib.

This is where things took a small downturn, although at the time I had no idea. We all went down to the soup and salad bar before the meat came out and I partook in a bowl of "Scotch Barley" soup. Everything there was delicious and while some of the guys headed out to the bars, I called it a night and went back to the house where I (somehow) ended up working behind the bar making drinks till after midnight.

Off to bed and day 3 in the next post.

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