Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Doggin It, A Headset…cool, or not, and Spike’s DC Digs

Yeah I know I don’t talk bad about the Mooks much but she was so lazy yesterday. Sure she ran with Mrs. Bloggerman in the morning and then ran with Bloggerman at night, but she slept at least 8 hours in between those two events so what’s up with that?

I think she’s doggin it, excuse the pun, on purpose to make us give her more treats. Well it’s not going to work miss thing!

Yesterday when I got home there was a package at my door with my name on it. I wasn’t expecting anything so it was a bit of a head scratcher. Upon inspection it was a headset similar to the style that NFL head coaches wear on the sidelines. Only this wasn’t for me to be a coach but plugs into my Play Station 2 controller and allows me to hear and talk to others. Evidently I placed second in a Motorola-sponsored contest. OK I guess I did. Only one problem: I don’t own a Play Station 2.

It was really nice of them to send this to me but since they also sent them out in Xbox compatible form, perhaps it might have been better to check which system I have. Furthermore, PS2 (nor Xbox) is really the standard anymore so why not make them for PS3/360? Seems like a pretty crappy contest to me but at least it’s going to go to a good cause. After I open the box and put them on the Mooks for a picture (coming soon) I will donate them for a charity auction for my softball team. So there Motorola…take your prize and well…donate it!

Lastly, I’ve gotten into TopChef-Chicago on Bravo as of late to fill my Project Runway gap and one of the more charismatic characters, Spike Mendelsohn, is opening a new “burger joint” here in town. The place is called Good Stuff Eatery and will be setting up shop at 3rd and Pennsylvania, SE (Capitol Hill). Any place that can blend up a Marshmallow shake is good enough for me.

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