Thursday, April 3, 2008

So Many Signs...So Little Revenue?

Thank you United Technologies and thank you American University. Your ads plastered over almost every square inch of metro station and train (respectively) have not only informed me of your products, services, and class offerings but also diverted my attention to the task at hand: sitting here trying to get home.

I fully appreciate all the advertisers on Metro because they do help to offset the cost of my trip. However the question I have is for Metro is, "Why, if you can have one advertiser pay to fill a whole station or train once every few months, why are there no ads the rest of the time? Perhaps you could offer the station advertising ala carte so that one company doesn't have to buy the whole thing. Additionally, how much money are you getting on these things? It doesn't appear enough to off set my $11 a day trip.

As it turns out the nice folks at CBS Outdoor media are the ones who run the advertising on Metro and I am a bit more dismayed at the situation in light of that news. CBS Outdoor is a major-league billboard company and should have no problem attracting top flight advertisers like Denny's and Motel 6 to come on board (literally).

Heck, now all I can think about is Tom Boddet eating his "Moon over my Hammy" and "leavin' the light on for me.". Thanks brain!

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