Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eating Out the White House's Cherry

Thanks Dave for having a birthday. If it weren't for you, I would not have had the opportunity to break from my diet (almost below 160 lbs) and I certainly would not have had the opportunity to still be tasting the great Urban BBQ's "soul rolls" some three days later. Above all I would not have had the chance to go over to Gifford's Ice Cream and "eat out the white house."

Perhaps it was a poor decision but six of us took down "The White House," six different, very large scoops (chocolate, chocolate malted, cookie dough, mint chip, banana, and strawberry sorbet) plus four toppings (strawberry, hot fudge, butterscotch, and chocolate sprinkles). Oh yeah, don't forget the whipped cream and the aforementioned cherries.

While it was very good I wouldn't be doing you a service if I didn't find something to complain about. As my sister-in-law said the other day, this is called "Darryl-ing" Back to my complaint. If you are going to call you very large sundae "The White House" then it better damn well come looking political. This one was only disguised as a previously empty 1/2 gallon ice cream container that you might find in the freezer of your local supermarket. At least it was white, but come on, can't we get a vessel that looks like the White House (with the roof removed)? They can't sere more then two or three of these a day, so why not get a great serving dish? You do however get a crappy t-shirt.

Dave, Happy Birthday-enjoy your shirt!

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