Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Painting the Citi Green

Nope, they ain't bring back the Jew (Shaun). Oh and don't bother with your Sherman Williams paint swatch guide as that won't help either.

However if you are of an eco-mind (even Bloggerman recycles...especially old posts) then you'll want to make sure you're a Mets fan! Straight from the horses mouth, the friggin Government no less, the Mets new ballpark, Citi Field, will be "green.". You can read more about it here on their blog.

It is Earth Day (or Earth Week) after all and its good to see that so much tax payer dollars can at least be environmentally friendly. Speaking of which...I have some blueprints to post tomorrow on these fancy dancey planter boxes that the "Dads" and I built over the weekend.

Stay tuned for that and for a semi-full Passover recap.

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