Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taxes, A Ballgame, and a Whiskey Chaser

Today is tax day and while my mother-in-law is hard at work (making sure her clients have to contribute as little as possible to the tax base), but she is behind her desk and not really "getting out there" with the people. This isn't really a bad thing since "the people" are mostly idiots.

But even with that, sometimes a change of scenery is a good thing, and several enterprising CPAs, or at least a guy with a calculator and a tie, are getting out and mingling. Take for example the firm of Gilman Ciocia who decided that a section of the bleachers at Shea Stadium would be as good a place as any to set up shop. Well technically they are in the concourse of the stadium, but to be able to get your taxes done and then grab a beer and a dog on the way to your seats ain’t too bad of an idea. Or you can also take your cookie tin of receipts to your neighborhood pub where during the weekend afternoons you may find a CPA (or bouncer) who can help you file just before you blow your refund check on the watered down $4 drafts.

Speaking of taxes. I wanted to point you in the direction of an interesting defense for the “Fair Tax “ Now never you mind that my B-in-L has a blog by the same title or that my niece is featured in one of the videos on this site. I’m just happy that somebody that looks a lot like the B-in-L is out there in cyberspace bloggin’ his little heart out. Of course this means that he may no longer send me the good info and keep it for himself but I’m willing to take that chance.

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